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Local Property Tax 2020: what to do?

Revenue has started issuing Local Property Tax (LPT) payment reminders to certain homeowners.  These homeowners have until 25 November to submit their payment method to Revenue.   

Revenue are now writing to homeowners who paid their LPT for 2019 using a one-off payment or their local authority changed the LPT rate for 2020.   

Revenue will write to those who have set up a direct debit or annual debit carried forward from 2019 at a late date as follows:  

  • the direct debit letter will issue in December 2019 

  • the annual debit letter will issue in March 2020. 

The first due date for payment of LPT 2020 is 10 January 2020.  Revenue has published a chart illustrating when payment reminders are issuing, payment method notification deadlines and LPT due dates.   

More information on what to do for LPT 2020 is available on the Revenue website.

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