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TJ Briody & Co. Chartered Accountants have a wealth of experience in working with wholesalers and distributors.


We add real value to your organisation with a focus on developing financial capabilities and business growth programmes. Typical services include:

  • Accounting including year-end accounting, quarterly management accounts

  • Tax planning and succession planning for the next generation, retirement reliefs

  • Revenue audits

  • Advisory services including dealing with multiples, financial planning tools, business growth programmes, cost reduction programmes, supplier negotiations, gross margin review, profit analysis, business review programmes

  • Forensic accounting identifying theft, waste, bad practices, mismanagement.

  • Corporate Finance including sourcing bank funding, share sales, new equity finance

  • Disposals, and acquisitions for rapid growth plans

  • Start-up programmes including accessing tax reliefs, LEO grant aid,

  • Outsourcing, complete back office service from bookkeeping, VAT returns, Payroll returns, end of year tax returns, banking

Our Client Services Team are always happy to talk to you about what’s best for your needs. Contact our team to find out if we're the right fit for you.

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