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Irish workers urged to claim tax rebates before deadline arrives

If they don’t lodge a claim - the money will be gone for good

Irish workers have left a mountain of cash in the tax man’s pockets because they can’t be bothered claiming rebates.

Hundreds of thousands of Euros is now up for grabs but taxpayers have just two weeks to get their money back.

Thousands of people have not yet submitted a tax refund claim for 2015.

If they don’t lodge a claim by December 31 the money will be gone for good. say that Irish taxpayers are notorious for not claiming the reliefs that are due.

“Whether it’s down to apathy or lack of awareness Irish people leave huge sums with the Revenue by not claiming tax reliefs,” said Taxback CEO Joanna Murphy.

She said that refunds are available for up to four years after expenses are incurred which are eligible for tax relief.

“One we hit January 1st the chance to claim any refund will have been missed,” she said.

People will still be able to claim for the years 2016, 2017,2018 and 2019.

“Our average refund comes in at €1,076 - it’s not small money,” Ms Murphy said.

The firm, which provides tax return services to private and corporate clients, have compiled their top refund categories.

The major areas are medical expenses, tuition fees, flat rate expenses, working from home relief, home carers credit, nursing home relief and rent a room relief.

Taxpayers can also claim employing a home carer tax credit and dependent relative credit.

Refunds are also available under home renovation incentive and rent relief.

Both have now been phased out but can still be claimed retrospectively in certain circumstances.

Ms Murphy said Unreimbursed medical expenses is the one refund that will apply to most people.

“Keep your receipts. Too many people throw them in the bin and can’t claim. Get a shoe box and keep all you doctors’ bills, pharmacy receipts and all other medical and dental receipts,” she said.

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