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Five things you need to know about tax this week!

In Ireland, listen in to our new series of Tax Podcasts which this month looks at proposals for a digital tax while in the UK, HMRC are planning scheduled maintenance to the Making Tax Digital service this weekend.  In international matters, the OECD has published a roadmap on taxing the digitalised economy.


  • In order to address the backlog of appeals within the Tax Appeal Commissioners, the Minister for Finance has approved the appointment of three additional Temporary Appeal Commissioners. Read more

  • Listen to the first in our series of Tax podcasts where Institute experts talk about what the current OECD proposals on digital tax could mean for Ireland as well as recent transfer pricing proposals in Ireland


  • Read the latest update on Making Tax Digital for VAT and see when HMRC have scheduled maintenance on the service this weekend

  • The NI Tax Committee says there is no case for reverting to Crown Preference for tax debt in an insolvency


  • The OCED has published a roadmap on taxing the digitalised economy. Read more

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